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XLink/Win is a Windows program which can back up data
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XLink/Win is a Windows program which can back up data from Casio and Sharp electronic organizers onto your PC, and lets you view and edit your data on the PC and exchange data easily with other programs.
The main functions of XLink/Win are communications and data managment.
The program features:
* Interfaces to more than 150 different Casio, Sharp, Radio Shack, IDT and Oregon Scientific organizer models
* Back up your organizer data to files on the PC for safekeeping, with optional encryption for your Secret data
* Reliably restore an exact copy of your data to the organizer, or an edited subset
* View all organizer data types on the PC both as tables and as individual item forms
* Edit items and create new items of any data type on the PC
* View and edit scheduled items in calendar form
* Create and manage multiple local databases
* Set up direct links to existing databases in common formats such as Access, dBase, FoxPro, Paradox, Btrieve, ODBC, etc.
* Exchange data with other programs via copy/paste, csv text file import/export, or direct database links
* Convert and exchange data between different organizer models, including between Casio and Sharp organizers
* Compare and filter different data sets to identify changes, eliminate duplicates, and synchronize data
* Configure program elements such as toolbars, field names, and form layouts to suit your own preferences
* Multi-language support

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